Leasing for New Business Owners

Starting a new business can be both expensive and time consuming.  By doing business with Beacon Leasing you can decrease your startup costs and save the headache of leasing directly from a bank.

The average business startup costs to start a small business in the United States is $10,000.  This cost can increase greatly if the business requires expensive equipment to operate.  By taking advantage of Beacon Leasing’s zero down leasing contracts, you can start operating your business with all the equipment you need without a large startup cost. The low monthly payments allow businesses to spread their startup costs over a period of many years.  Beacon Leasing will do business with anybody who has a business license, so you can start leasing before your business even operational.

Going from bank to bank trying to find the best deal on equipment leasing can be a large headache for small business owners.  Beacon Leasing saves you the headache by shopping around and finding you the best price possible for your leasing needs.  Leasing from a bank can some times be very hard for a new business because there is limited credit history available.  Beacon Leasing has been doing business with many banks for over 16 years, so we can get you the money you need to start your business.

If you are considering starting a business but the start up cost is your main concern, leasing may be the answer to your problems.  Beacon Leasing has been working with small businesses for many years so we can help you with any of your leasing needs.

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