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    Beacon Leasing Inc. specializes in financing equipment for businesses nationwide and in Canada. We strive to be the best in the business equipment finance industry. We do this by establishing & maintaining long term relationships and offering programs that are focused on the success of each of our customers individually.

    In this new age of technology, it is difficult to find a 'financial partner' you can trust. Well not anymore. If you are looking for a full service leasing company that can provide financing for all your equipment purchases from computers to heavy equipment, and everything in between, you have found it at Beacon Leasing, Inc.

    Beacon Leasing, Inc. has been providing business owners and vendors the hassle-free convenient service with experience, integrity, and expertise. We are here, 'lighting your way' through the leasing process by offering the highest level of customer service, because we know that you are the key to our success.
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    Beacon Leasing saved me thousands of dollars when financing my last piece of equipment. I was approved through an in-house finance company at the vendor’s location but received a quote from Beacon Leasing and saved almost $100 a month on my payments. Thanks Beacon Leasing—you’re the best! — Mario, Yakima, WA

  • Leasing Terminology

    PUT Option (Purchase Upon Termination):
    A specialized option that can be offered in conjunction with an FMV lease that requires a purchase of the equipment at the conclusion of the lease at a fixed-in-advance percentage of the original purchase price (e.g. 10%).

  • Equipment Leasing Examples

    Bar & Restaurant Equipment
    Total Price: $75,000.00
    $1,245.00 @ 60 Months 10% Buy-out